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Christian Knaub
The Montgazette Contributor

What is the first thought that pops into your head when you think of Career Services? It might be that they are targeting the graduates with helping them find jobs and to figure out their next steps in their journey. Whether you have visited Career Services, given it little thought, or this is the first time you have heard of Career Services, here are some reasons to explore their assistance.

Career Services is for the graduate by helping in job searches, mock job interviews, resumes and cover letters. But many do not realize Career Services does much more than just for the graduate, it is also for the first semester student planning their career path.

Nickolas Lantz, the Director of Career Services, has said that Career Services has been labeled as the place for graduates and alumni, but is being missed as a place for any student. Lantz
wants to break that stereotype by promoting what Career Services can offer students who are still exploring their options for the future, as well as students who are looking for a second opinion in their decision-making process.

What Career Services offers for students and alumni is MyCareerPlan, which helps with narrowing down a career path for students and career coaching, which according to their page on the College’s website, “help[s] in selecting a career path, clarifies job hunting and getting help with the job search process .” Career Services also offers workshops and special events on topics like resume writing, having a successful job interview, cover letter writing, and much more. They also offer on-campus job recruiting, they help students find internships in their field of study, as well as offering online resources such as Skype job appointments, PA JobGetaway, College Central Network, and with finding job listings. Jason Kidwell, a student at Montgomery County Community College, noted that Career Services came and “gave a speech on resume writing in [my] exercise science class, which was cool [and] very helpful.”

Career Services is a great tool for students and Alumni alike. Whether you are looking for help in finding the right career path, internship, or are preparing for your job interview, Career Services can help with guiding and supporting you in your walk to success.

To get in touch with Career Services on Central Campus, visit College Hall, 2nd floor or call 215-641-6577. On West campus, visit the Student Success Center in South Hall or call 610-718-1906. Both locations can be emailed at careerservices@mc3.edu.


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Central Campus
Always Wednesday, 12:20 – 1:15p.m.

April 5
Test Anxiety
Come join us for a workshop to assist you with study strategies and dealing with test anxiety.  — College Hall, Room 147

April 12
Grit and Motivation
Join Dr. Smith as he helps you to unravel your intrinsic motivation through self-discovery of your internal GRIT. This workshop will help you to identify the essential components to develop your confidence and motivation. — College Hall, Room 147

April 19
Getting Ready for Finals
Come join us for a workshop to assist you with study strategies and dealing with test anxiety. — College Hall, Room 147

April 26
Zumba and Nutrition
Come learn some Zumba moves and understanding good nutrition. — College Hall, Room 147


West Campus
Always Monday, 12:20 – 1:15p.m.

April 3
Career Planning
Learn what career best suits your talents, skills, and training you need for your chosen career. — South Hall 202

April 10
Interviewing Tips and Techniques
Learn the right tips and techniques that can help you present yourself effectively at interviews, and get the job you want. – South Hall, Room 222

April 17
Grit and Motivation
Join Dr. Smith as he helps you to unravel your intrinsic motivation through self-discovery of your internal GRIT. This workshop will help you develop your confidence and motivation.  – South Hall 202

April 24
Composing a Resume: Best Practices
This workshop will outline the essential information you need to develop a great resume in a competitive job environment.

May 1
What Next?
Using Your My Career Plan Results for Career and Life Planning – South Hall 216

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David Aston
Montgazette Editor-In-Chief

The hot summer is falling away and a contentious presidential election is still to come. In between is Montgomery County Community College pressing on with a new academic year.

This year heralds a bunch of firsts for Montco and The Montgazette.

Dr. Kevin Pollock begins his first full academic year as the college’s president. Starting with this issue, The Montgazette is bringing back the sports schedules. Also, you’ll see we’ve added a new section called “College Spotlight.” Each month, The Montgazette will showcase a MCCC partner college or university. These spotlights will present important information you need to know so you can make an informed choice on where to transfer so you can continue to achieve your dreams after your time at Montco.

For all of the new students for this academic year, Welcome! The Students Office of Leadership and Involvement hosted the club fair at the start of the semester and numerous students clubs were represented. I am here to encourage you to get involved! We have included in this issue a few highlights from the club fair. Enjoy!

If you would like to join the team here at The Montgazette, we welcome your story perspectives. During my time at Montco, I have put my all into making this paper thrive in a climate that says the paper is dead. You, the readers of The Montgazette, have proven the naysayers wrong. You see the value in bringing your voice to the world and I am humbled to be the leader that has made that a success.

So this, in the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous novelist, “Stories matter.”

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Photos by Bridget Depew




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By: Alexandra Arthur-Lowry
Montgazette Contributing Writer, student COM 100 DC

In the year 2016, it is rare
to see anyone under the age of
30 in a TV studio and working
hands-on with aspiring
broadcast journalism students.
Amanda Zacharias, executive
producer of “The Buzz Update”
and president of Montgomery
County Community College’s
CAPG media club, runs the
college television newscasts.
Working in the college TV
studio has given her real work
media experience.
At the age of 20, Zacharias
helped with Comcast News
Makers as an intern, creating
a wide range of media content.
She has also interned with KYW
News where she observed dayto-day
functions of the radio
station and produced stories.
This year, Zacharias also
landed an internship with Geo
Traffic as an assistant reporter.
She done some amazing things
in media and is also a member
of Phi Theta Kappa, the
national honor society for two
year colleges.
Zacharias studies
included with classes with
MCCC professor and Emmy
Award-winning journalist
Alan Schear and she was
introduced to all of the aspects
of the campus television
station, which included
writing scripts for television
broadcasts, picking speakers
and camera operators. As the
executive producer of “The
Buzz Update,” she spoke to
my class of new students
and welcomed them openly,
encouraging them to work
with her and to join the media
clubs. Zacharias said it would
allow them to make their own
personal dreams come true so
they can become the next hard
working media personality
like her.
Zacharias attended
Perkiomen Valley High school
prior to attending MCCC. She
graduated this spring with
an A.A.S. degree in digital
broadcasting. Congratulations
to Amanda Zacharias and all
of the graduates of the 2016


Amanda Zacharias

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By: Nicholas Ayres
Montgazette Contributing Writer

To make it anywhere in the media
business, you’ve got to sell your
content by broadcasting on the most
popular places to get viewers. One the
most popular websites with the best
quality that has changed the media
industry and is nearly guaranteed to
attract the most viewers is YouTube.
But has YouTube gotten too big to be
worth the bother?
Most of the time, posting a video
elsewhere, especially to content
creators with small wallets, will get
minimal views. By posting content
on YouTube, content creators have
a better chance of viewers finding
the content and content creators can
latch onto Google Ads to generate
some revenue.
YouTube, especially since
Google bought it out in 2006, has
grown to an immense size. With
its attachment to Google and its
never-ending popularity, YouTube
has reached a monopoly-like status.
They have no serious competition,
allowing them to control the digital
video content market.
YouTube’s size has many
drawbacks. For every high quality
video, there are at least 50 more
videos of obviously inferior visual
quality. It is estimated that anywhere
from 300-500 hours are uploaded to
YouTube every minute.
Another downside is that content
creators don’t need to make impressive
videos to profit off of the service. A
sizable number of YouTubers make
money off of simple reaction videos,
playing back video games with audio
commentary or harmful prank videos.
On top of this is the problem of
YouTube’s preset programming and
video suggesting system encouraging
these type of videos.
YouTube’s “elephant in the room”
is a system they call Content ID. With
this, YouTube content creators who
post their production can be flagged
with Digital Millennium Copyright
Act, a content protection law signed
in 1999, infringement and make zero
revenue from their work.
Someone can flag another
YouTuber’s video even if the content
falls under the Fair Use Doctrine, a
law intended to balance the interests
of copyright holders with the public
interest in the wider distribution of
media. After being flagged, content
creators have to wait a month or
longer until the DMCA infringement
is released. In many cases by that
time, it’s way too late to make any
sort of profit.
With these and many other
roadblocks, YouTube is fast becoming
what content creators never wanted it
be: Bad for broadcasting.

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By: Dave Aston
Montgazette Staff Writer

This is how Dr. Aaron Shatzman,
Montgomery County Community College’s
Dean of Social Sciences, describes the
“unassuming” and humble Dr. Martin Gelman.
Dr. Martin Gelman, one of the founding
members of the college’s Social Sciences
Department, will be given the honor of having
the new Excellence in Psychology Award bear
his name. The award coincides with the first
Associate in Science Psychology degrees to be
handed out at this year’s commencement.
Before Dr. Gelman began his tenure as
the longest-standing dean at Montco, his
trek to becoming Doctor of Psychology and
Anthropology began with his experiences in
World War II. During that time, Dr. Gelman flew
50 missions as a B24 bomber pilot, returning
safely after each mission.
After returning home from the war and
starting a family, Dr. Gelman found it hard to
communicate with old friends who had gone to
college while he was fighting in Africa. “I was
not in their league anymore,” he said.
Through this feeling, his lifelong fascination
of psychology and discovering correspondence
courses at the University of Minnesota and Ohio
State University, Dr. Gelman enrolled through
Temple University. After many years of creating
a ground-breaking reputation at Temple, the
University of Pennsylvania and surrounding
hospitals, he became a full-time faculty member
at Temple. This promotion caught the eyes of
the founders of Montco and Dr. Gelman was
eager to be a part of it. “[Being here] interested
me a great deal.”
From 1967 to his retirement in 2011, Dr.
Gelman built up the Social Sciences Department
and Psychology program, mentoring future
educators along the way.
Dr. Steven Baron, Professor of Social
Sciences here at Montco, said, “He mentored
all of us. The entire department.” Dr. Baron
has the distinction of being one of Dr. Gelman’s
students and personal and professional friend.
“He was the finest teacher I ever had.”
Due in large part to Dr. Gelman’s mentoring
and tutelage, Dr. Baron achieved his own success,
obtaining awards that mirror Gelman’s. Both
influential educators hold numerous teaching
excellence and community service awards from
many institutions, including Montco.
The new Dr. Gelman Excellence in
Psychology Award cements Dr. Gelman’s
position as a “pillar” of the Montco community.
In his unassuming way, Dr. Gelman said that
this came about “through the endeavors of other
In tribute to this remarkable clinician,
mentor and humble human being, this award will
keep Montgomery County Community College,
in Gelman’s own words, an “alive entity” that is
always “new, fresh and filled with promise.”

pic for newsppaer articlel

Dr. Martin Gelman

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