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Justin Oakes
The Montgazette Contributor

South African comedian and talk show host, Trevor Noah, performed at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby on Friday, April 7 to a more than enthusiastic crowd of Philadelphians and Daily Show fans.

When the show was originally announced back in February, tickets sold so fast that a second event had to be scheduled on the same night, leaving Noah to perform for one sold out show at 8 PM and another packed one at 10:30 PM.

His topics of discussion ranged anywhere from tacos in America to the native tongue that his mother spoke back in South Africa. However, it was when Trevor began to speak about the crisis in Syria that the audience seemed most engaged. Noah had a most ingenious way of broaching the topic: by combining humor and satire with a real, down-to-earth message about the cost of military spending and the hypocrisy of closing American doors on refugees while claiming to help them.

Noah’s approach to taboo subjects is quite remarkable, considering most would have no idea where to begin when it comes to the issues that matter but are just too hard to talk about. Yet, Noah seemed to be in his element, taking topics like racism and Trump family affairs in stride and spinning everything he says to have a positive message for Americans.

The message?

Stay “woke.”

He urged people to never be afraid to ask questions about topics like race and politics, because, according to him, it’s better to have an ignorant person be educated than to stay ignorant.

Leah Schick, a resident of Whitemarsh Township in Montgomery County, spoke directly about Noah’s honesty, saying how he told his jokes but then “turned them around into all these profound statements about life and hatred and love and the state of our country.” The Daily Show host showed that he’ll never miss a comedic beat and he’ll never cease to entertain a crowd.


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Dominique Brown
The Montgazette Contributing Writer

Montgomery County Community College hosted its Spring Club Fair in Central Campus’ Parkhouse Hall.

Loud, crowded, and buzzing with energy; for any introvert or someone who suffers from anxiety, this is their worst nightmare. That was my first thought walking into this building. I used to stand in awe at how big the walkway use to be, how it was so spacious that I felt small in it. With the arrival of the Club Fair, the Hall never felt so small and tight, full of people, tables housing sweets, posters, and pamphlets to inform and promote the various clubs and activities. The atrium came alive in a terrifying new way that only the bravest of souls will survive. I wandered around and avoided eye contact at all costs trying to find just one table that didn’t seem completely intimidating.

As herds of college students young and old surrounded me, I began to lose myself in the bustle of a normal Wednesday afternoon combined with a social event that only happens once every semester. Finally, after bumping into a table and stumbling into strangers, I found an interesting small group talking quietly among themselves.

The poster said “Drama Club,” something that I will admit has been a past time for me, so with shaky legs and a rapid heartbeat, I cautiously approached the table, tensing up in preparation to be hounded, to take a pamphlet and sign my life away. The group smiled as they noticed me, warm and welcoming. I was approached by Jess Weligand, the Drama Club’s PR representative; she appeared shy, but I could tell she was putting forth an effort to be kind and helpful for her club. She asked me if I had ever been involved in theater before.

Photo 1 CF

Central Campus Club Fair — Photo by Dominique Brown

Of course I had, but I decided to see what kind of spiel she had in store. To my surprise, Jess began a simple conversation with me when she took note of my sweatshirt. We talked for some time about this and that finally, once we were both comfortable, I began to ask her  about the theater program and how the Drama Club is connected and works with the theater program.

Montco Drama Club has been around for only a short while but has put on over 40 plays!

Currently the Drama Club is preparing for their first ever short play festival, consisting of six different short plays directed by students. The theater program is behind the scenes, in a class offered to anyone but especially to theater majors in the Theater Production Workshop, or TPW, this is where the magic happens. The students build, light, design, and dress the set; along with making the costumes, managing stage sound and stage set the entire show! Everything you see is all by students; even the Drama Club helps out by raising the money for the productions and awareness that the play is happening. I was completely blown away by all that happens in such a small amount of time and that Jess Weligand, who was very much as timid and shy as myself, was here standing in front me telling all the amazing things she has accomplished with this club. As our conversation continued a new face joined us.

Kevin Sene is a small, high strung individual who can just melt your heart and instantly make you feel like his friend. He smiled a great big pearly white smile as he sashayed over eager to join the conversation. Jess introduced us and explained that the real reason she was so involved is because of Kevin. Kevin is more outgoing and free spirited than she. Everyone who meets Kevin instantly falls in love; he is a true leader and great friend.

After five minutes of chatting with him, I was shocked when I signed up to become more involved with the club. The Drama Club is a very inviting club, people of all sizes, shapes, and color come together and do something unique and creative that no other club does. They band together, get their hands dirty and produce plays for the whole community to enjoy. Everyone is very nice and encouraging, they are a team, even more so a family; they make sure they stress that there is no “drama” in the Drama Club. Everything down to what play they will do the following semester is all debated in a healthy discussion called “Reading Committee”, which meets every Monday at 4pm.

So, this introverted soul found a nice, peaceful table to hide out the storm of people and activities around her. I even made a few friends along the way. Club Fair actually wasn’t as terrifying as I originally thought. When you first enter the Fair, it seems to go on for miles, with all the bodies and tables that litter the walkway. It’s easy to feel small and lost in all the excitement. But as a great man once said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!” so next Club Fair, I’ll be ready! With any luck I’ll be the one confidently approaching people asking if they have ever been involved in theater.

Montco Drama Club’s President Kevin Sene is the nicest most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met. He has a drive and a passion for theater that is unmatched by anyone!

The Drama Club meets every Wednesday 1pm -3pm. Feel free to stop by anytime for fun and games. All are welcome and all are encouraged to participate in upcoming events. See you there!

Kevin Sene Photo by Dominique Brown

Kevin Sene, Drama Club President — Photo by Dominique Brown

Photo 4 CF

Drama Club Table — Photo by Dominique Brown

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Montco Drama Club’s President Kevin Sene is the nicest, most enthusiastic person. He has a drive and has a passion for theatre that is unmatched by anyone! The Drama Club meets every Wednesday 1 – 2 p.m. Stop by anytime for fun and games. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in upcoming events. See you there!

~Dominique Brown

Kevin Sene Photo by Dominique Brown

Keven Sene — Photo by Dominique Brown

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David Aston
Montgazette Editor-In-Chief

A tense presidential election will soon be behind us and finals are ahead of us.  No matter what’s happening, the students of Montgomery County Community College are prepared to give their best no matter what obstacle is in their way. Mercifully, there are ways for students to learn while taking time off from the worry that may float through their minds.

The MCCC Presidential Symposium on Diversity on November 9 features acclaimed children’s author Jacqueline Woodson. A winner of multiple awards, Woodson will discuss her memoir and feature a talented MCCC student poet. Sorry, no spoilers. You’ll have to be there to see who won the poetry contest.

“Say Goodnight, Gracie,” a stage play by Ralph Pape will be performed by our talented Drama Club from November 17 to 20 in the treasured Black Box Theatre on the Central Campus. A week prior, West End Student Theatre (WEST) will perform “Slip Shot.” The Jacqueline Goldfinger play will be shown at West Campus’ South Hall Community Room from November 10 to 12.

If that’s not enough, stop by the Fine Arts Center at either campus anytime. The marvels there will make you speechless or keep you talking. Either way, they are places to stir imagination and passion.

So whether you’re looking to mentally heal from two straight years of politics or for an excuse to postpone studying for finals, Thanksgiving weekend comes right on time.

But I say don’t waste a minute! Not now, not ever. Fill your time and your mind with something powerful and insightful. Might I suggest, say, this paper.

Give thanks and I’ll talk to you all next month.


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David Aston
Montgazette Editor-In-Chief

The hot summer is falling away and a contentious presidential election is still to come. In between is Montgomery County Community College pressing on with a new academic year.

This year heralds a bunch of firsts for Montco and The Montgazette.

Dr. Kevin Pollock begins his first full academic year as the college’s president. Starting with this issue, The Montgazette is bringing back the sports schedules. Also, you’ll see we’ve added a new section called “College Spotlight.” Each month, The Montgazette will showcase a MCCC partner college or university. These spotlights will present important information you need to know so you can make an informed choice on where to transfer so you can continue to achieve your dreams after your time at Montco.

For all of the new students for this academic year, Welcome! The Students Office of Leadership and Involvement hosted the club fair at the start of the semester and numerous students clubs were represented. I am here to encourage you to get involved! We have included in this issue a few highlights from the club fair. Enjoy!

If you would like to join the team here at The Montgazette, we welcome your story perspectives. During my time at Montco, I have put my all into making this paper thrive in a climate that says the paper is dead. You, the readers of The Montgazette, have proven the naysayers wrong. You see the value in bringing your voice to the world and I am humbled to be the leader that has made that a success.

So this, in the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous novelist, “Stories matter.”

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Photos by Bridget Depew




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By: Justin Patrick Oakes
Montgazette Contributing Writer

While walking through the quad at Montgomery County Community College Central Campus, I saw a student club that drew me in, The Drama Club. Being an alum of my own high school’s drama program, the theatre and acting community holds a special place in my heart for its sense of community and passion for the arts.

I spoke to two young women, Alondra and Tyler, about their experience in the program. They told me that they both volunteer to work backstage and have been working tirelessly to help start production for an upcoming show.

The show is called “Say Goodnight, Gracie,” which follows old-time comedian George Burns and his wife, Gracie. Auditions for the show took place in September. The play will open to the public from November 17 to 20 in the Blackbox Theatre.

Alondra and Tyler said everyone in the Drama Club is excited for the show and are passionate about what they do. They genuinely wish to see the arts thrive at Montco as well as in our daily lives.


Photo by Justin Patrick Oakes: Alondra and Tyler are members of the Drama Club and were in attendance as representatives at the Club Fair.


Photo by Justin Patrick Oakes:  Clubs set up tables all around the Quad at Central Campus.


Photo by Justin Patrick Oakes:  Many students took advantage of the day and the fair weather by coming out and talking to club representative




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