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Top 200

1) Saosin: In Search of Solid Ground

2) Farewell to Freeway: Only Time Will Tell

3) Jet: Shanka Rock

4) Bury Your Dead: It’s Nothing

5) Autumn Offering: Requiem

6) A Day to Remember: Homesick

7) Ettes: Do You Want Power

8) Within The Ruins: Creature

9) Otep: Smash the Control Machine

10) Rifles: The Great Escape

11) Sunny Day Real Estate: Diary

12) Damn Bullets: Electric Folk Boogie

13) US3: Stop. Think. Run.

14) State Radio: Let It Go

15) Frank Turner: Poetry of the Dead

16) Why?: Eskimo Snow

17) Michael Olatuja: Speak

18) Corpus Christi: The Darker Shades of


19) Antipop Consortium: Flourescent Black

20) Or, The Whale: Or, The Whale

21) Drummer: Feel Good Together

22) Royal Bangs: Let It Beep

23) Bubba Beyond: Land of a Thousand


24) Joe Henry: Blood From Stars

25) Perfect Strangers: Life on Film

26) Worldwide Groove Corporation: Midnight


27) Dirge Within: Force Fed Lies

28) Hey Ocean!: It’s Easier to be Somebody


29) Red Channels: Ghetto Cooking

30) Travis Caudle: Signals


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By Paul Vidas, Montco Radio

She does it again. For some reason, whatever Imogene Heap puts out it is always good.

Anyone will enjoy listening to this relatively unknown artist with her newest album “Ellipse” debuting at No. 5 on the Billboard charts.

Never mind that she was on David Letterman playing her hit single “First Train Home;” you could listen to a ton of other good songs like “Wait It Out,” or “21.”

Imogene Heap has done a lot of work and for some reason has managed to stay out of terrestrial radio’s eyesight.

Whether it was her work with Frou Frou, or simply her solo career, she has been the model of consistency, and “Ellipse” is no different.

So pick it up today for it will be money well spent.

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Think Philadelphia, western, saloon, trains, showdown and gangs and you have the making of a modern day western. On Wednesday September 16, 2009, students of the Short Films course invited the community to a movie premier. The stage was the Ambler Theater; the lighting was dim, and in the audience were family members, friends, fellow students, and faculty waiting, anxiously for the first ever community collaborative effort of the Montgomery County Community College Student Film Premiere of The Stranger.

The film is an urban western set in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. It follows a “Man with No Name” and his attempt to save a working girl from her pimp. With a lonely journey, dark past and uncertain future, the loner uses what he has left to save the girl and gives his life for hers. This Clint Eastwood-inspired film allowed director Brendan Joyce to explore the themes of romance, violence and forgiveness in a way that made the audience think about choice and consequence.

With excellent direction by Brendan Joyce, a supporting cast of members including Jeremy Beitler as The Stranger, Sammie Cojocariu as Elle, Frank Fierle as Christian, Steven Kane as The Mick and a host of others, the show was well received. The audience gave a standing ovation and concluded with questions and answers to the cast and faculty.

This premier also included short films by students and alumni under the direction of instructor Michael Wagner. Among the films presented were Made for Love, Devotion to the Kill, neuRomance, Vinny Diesel, Vampire Ghost Man, PA Documented and a music video devoted entirely to the love of cake.

Wagner encouragingly stated, “This course allowed the students to be creative and explore their own means of expression.” With the success of this premier, the college plans to offer this course in the upcoming semesters. Director Brendan Joyce concluded the night with this sentiment of encouragement to all future young filmmakers:  “Just get out and do it.”

Cast and crew of “The Stranger at the Ambler Theater following the premier.

Cast and crew of “The Stranger at the Ambler Theater following the premier.

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By Abby Hochman, Staff Literary Critic

In May 2009, one of Montgomery County Community College’s own English professors, Marc Schuster, released his first novel. The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl follows the story of a mother as she descends into the hellish depths of cocaine addiction.  Schuster walks the tightrope of balancing humor and pathos while giving life to the characters’ struggles.

Audrey Corcoran is completely blindsided when her husband divorces her for a younger woman.  Still reeling, Audrey turns into Wonder Mom, taking sole care of her two daughters, Lily and Catherine; working; and trying to stay sane every time she sees her ex’s new girlfriend pick up Lily and Catherine for weekends with their father.  To make things worse, she is becoming the new subject of her coworkers’ interest, who want her to loosen up and forget her problems with a little pharmaceutical help.

Despite their best efforts, Audrey stays on the straight and narrow — until Owen enters her life.  Charming and handsome, he becomes Audrey’s first real flame since her divorce, and when he asks her if she wants to do a line or two of coke, the idea seems far more attractive.  Soon she starts doing a little socially, then just to take the edge off when seeing her ex-husband, then just “because.”  The cocaine’s hold over her grows darker and stronger, wreaking havoc on all of her relationships with the people around her.

The tone of the book’s opening is somewhat similar to that of a Chuck Palahnuik novel (sans the outrageous plots), rife with the same dark, biting humor.  Minor absurdities, like the repeat appearances of Captain Panther, America’s favorite just-say-no super hero, add to this effect.  As the story continues, the sly humor becomes lined with an increasingly strong sense of desperation as Audrey reaches her lowest and most fragile points.

A varied cast of characters inhabits Audrey’s suburban world, sometimes supporting her, but, more often than not, driving her deeper into her cycle of self-destruction.  Her collection of coworkers makes up a motley band of partiers including Audrey’s closest friend — and personal devil — Melinda, who is vivacious and exciting while also manipulating Audrey to pass over her limits.  Roger, her somewhat clueless ex husband, lives in the land of denial and wants to remain her “best friend,” even after their divorce.  Audrey’s two girls are well fleshed out characters in their own right.  Seven-year old Lily seems more like she is a seventeen years old daredevil with her expansive knowledge of fashion, drugs and sex, while ten-year old Catherine is studious and straight-laced.  A crew other characters fill Audrey’s life, giving her a rich world to interact in.

The major flaw in this book is the lack of continuity in the narration.  Audrey narrates the story by switching between past and present events.  In some cases, it works in contrasting important memories, but it also sets the novel up so that multiple plot lines are running simultaneously.  This becomes difficult because it is often hard to determine what order the events occur in and how they all fit together.  The multiple plot lines, especially with the way they are scattered in between each other, breaks up the reader’s focus, making it difficult to become fully immersed in the book.

The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl is an enjoyable book for readers who appreciate darkly funny contemporary fiction.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, for at times, it is irreverent while discussing sensitive subject matter, but it does provide an interesting and engaging examination of the pressures placed on single mothers and the nature of addiction.  Even though the narration can be difficult to follow, once the reader becomes accustomed to it, the story is a fast-paced read that drives the reader through the book.  It fits in quite well with the current trends in popular fiction and will appeal to many readers.

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9/30—Overtime Loss Breaks

Mustangs’ Winning Streak

Wednesday afternoon the Mustangs men’s soccer team traveled to Newtown, Pa. to take on the rival Bucks County Community College Centurians.

The Mustangs lost 2-3 to the Centurians earlier in the season and, with a seven game winning streak under their belts, were looking for retribution. But the Centurians robbed the Mustangs once again coming from behind to win their second match up 2-1 in overtime.

The game started off well for the Mustangs as their defense staved off the Centurians’ aggressive attack. However, the Centurians’ defense performed equally well. The Mustangs entered the second half scoreless and deadlocked at 0-0 with the Centurians.

But the stalemate didn’t last long. Just two minutes into the second half freshman forward Dave Griffith (North Penn) put the Mustangs ahead with a blazing shot to the back of the net. The Centurians fought to catch up but were unsuccessful until forward Andrew Wittekind scored in the 87th minute tying up the score. The Mustangs were unable to answer back sending the teams into overtime, where the Centurians ultimately won with a goal from forward Sean McNelis.

9/29—Mustangs Women’s Team Steamrolls Hawks 12-1

The Mustangs unleashed a fury of goals on the Delaware Technical & Community College: Terry Campus Hawks Tuesday, retribution for last year’s loss to the Hawks in double overtime.

Sparked by five goals in the first six minutes the Mustangs cruised to 12-1 victory. The Mustangs offensive domination was led by a hat trick from freshman Megan Kelly (North Penn).

Also contributing to the score were Jeannine Mason (Methacton), Katie Miller (Plymouth Whitemarsh), Carla Sirak (Ewing), and Katelyn Mathe (North Penn) with two goals apiece and a goal from Stephanie Doran (Lansdale Catholic).

9/29—Seventh Straight Win Moves Mustangs Into First Place

When it rains it pours as the  Mustangs Men’s Soccer Team found out in Tuesday’s 6-3 victory over the Community College of Philadelphia Colonials.

The Colonials took strong hold of the game early on scoring in the 11th and 30th minute, racking up a two-goal lead over the Mustangs. But two minutes before half time the Mustangs struck back posting on the score-board with a breakaway goal from freshman Dave Griffith (North Penn). Ninety seconds later, the Colonials answered back to finish the half leading the game 3-1.

Then the rain came. In a soggy second-half downpour, the Mustangs found their momentum, flooding the Colonials’ net with five more goals to come back and win the game 6-3. Griffith gave the Mustangs a second half hat trick to round out his performance with a total of four goals. Also scoring for the Mustangs were sophomore Bryan Hare (Abington) and freshman Michael Wambold (Upper Moreland).

This game marks the Mustangs’ completion of one round of competition against their Eastern Pennsylvania Collegiate Conference (EPCC) opponents. The team now leads the EPCC with six wins and only one loss.

9/26—Mustangs Qualify for NJCAA Division III Region 19 Tournament

In heated action Saturday, the Mustangs Women’s Soccer Team qualified for NJCAA Division III Region 19 tournament play with a big 3-2 win over rival Brookdale Community College.

Freshman Katie Miller (Plymouth Whitemarsh) gave the Mustangs a 1-0 lead just 13 minutes into the game, knocking in a pass from freshman Abby Fairley (Upper Merion). Ten minutes later the Jersey Blues’ freshman forward Alyssa Fiorillo put one in the goal, sending the teams into half time tied up 1-1.

Starting the second half with aggression, the Mustangs and the Jersey Blues fought to control the play, each earning a number of unconverted scoring chances. Mustangs sophomore Stephanie Doran (Lansdale Catholic) finally found the back of the net in the 66th minute of play; however five minutes, later the Jersey Blues answered back.

Tied up at two apiece, the Mustangs upped the intensity into a strong offensive press on the Jersey Blues’ freshman goalkeeper Nadine Busner. With 15 minutes left in the game, Fairley finished what she started by sending a blasting shot over Busner’s head from 16 yards away. The Jersey Blues tried to come back once again but their efforts were thwarted by the Mustangs’ tight defense.

9/26—Mustangs Men’s Soccer Goes Six for Six

The Mustangs Men’s Soccer Team brought their record to 6-1 on Saturday with a 3-2 win over Harrisburg Area Community College.

Freshman Tom Dempsey (Methacton) posted on the scoreboard first for the Mustangs with an open shot past the Hawks’ goal keeper in the 5th minute of the game. The goal gave the Mustangs a 1-0 lead going into the second half where Dempsey blasted another into the back of the net upping the score to 2-0.

Ahead by two, the Mustangs’ victory seemed imminent, but the team couldn’t hold the lead. In a fury of offensive action, the Hawks tied up the game late in the second half. Scrambling to regain control of the ball, the Mustangs turned their thrusters into high gear in an attempt to salvage the win.

The team’s efforts made all the difference, and with 10 minutes left, sophomore Joe Ciaverelli (Great Valley) tipped in a pass from sophomore Jerry Francois (Cheltenham), giving the Mustangs the go-ahead goal to win it 3-2.

9/22—Men’s Soccer Defeats Northampton 2-1

The Mustangs Men’s Soccer Team advanced their record to 4-1 on Tuesday with a 2-1 victory over the Northampton Community College Spartans.

The Mustangs jumped out to an early 2-0 lead with goals by freshmen William Rive and David Griffith, both assisted by sophomore forward Brandon Essrig. The Mustangs remained two goals up until seconds before half time, when Spartans’ forward Julio Isidoro slipped one past Mustangs’ sophomore goal keeper Bryan Hare.

Outshooting the Mustangs 26-9, the Spartans posted a strong showing during the second half but were unable to find the back of the net again before the final buzzer. The Mustangs’ second half freshman goal keeper Nick Hulayew held off the offensive surge with the help of sophomore defenseman Joe Ciaverelli.

“Our goal keepers Bryan Hare and Nick Hulayew have been outstanding all season,” Coach Andy Kelly said. “We are beginning to be better organized defensively as a team. This will allow us to be in every game.”

9/19—Mustangs Men’s Soccer Defeats Lehigh-Carbon 6-2

The Mustangs Men’s Soccer Team defeated Lehigh-Carbon Community College away 6-2. The defense played superbly to break up plays leading to the win.

The star of the game was Mustangs forward Brandon Essrig who scored three goals. His first came in the 12th minute of play to make it 1-0, followed by two goals in the second half.

Forward Ahmed Faik also scored at the 20th minute of play in the first half to make it 2-0, and midfielder Ryan Nelson scored at the 28th minute to make it a 3-0 game. After a goal by Lehigh-Carbon in the 35th minute of play, Mustangs forward Dave Griffin added a goal to make it 4-1 going into halftime.

Goal Keepers Bryan Hare and Nick Hulayew combined for a total of 16 saves.

9/17—Barons Hand Mustangs Women’s Soccer First Loss of Season

The Mustangs Women’s Soccer Team suffered its first loss of the 2009 season on Thursday evening, as the Mustangs fell to the Burlington County College Barons 0-9.

The Mustangs came up with a number of offensive drives, but were no match for the Barons, an NJCAA Division I contender, who led the game in shots 25-3.

Bright spots in the loss included sophomore goalkeeper Erica Smolcynski’s performance with 16 saves and freshman midfielder Lindsay West’s strong defensive play.

9/16–Mustangs Men’s Soccer Defeats Delaware County 3-1

The Mustangs Men’s Soccer Team defeated Delaware County Community College 3-1 despite playing away on a wet and muddy field.

Mustangs forward Ahmed Faik scored 29 minutes in to make it a 1-0 game. The Mustangs second goal was scored by forward Mike Wambold to make it 2-0. Delaware County came back to score in the 44th minute of play to make it 2-1. Then, with less than one minute left in the first half, Mustangs Wambold scored again to make it a 3-1 game.

Bryan Hare and Nick Halayew played hard in goal to stop Delaware County from scoring in the second half.

9/15–Mustangs Women’s Soccer Team Wins on Last Minute Goal

The Montgomery County Community College Women’s Soccer Team won its first game of the season on Tuesday afternoon by defeating Bergen Community College by a score of 1-0.  It was a very defensive game throughout, and both goalies made some great saves.

With only one minute left, the game looked destined for overtime. Then Danielle Lillo made a great pass up the right wing to Jeannine Mason, who made a move and was able to score the game’s only goal with less than a minute to play.  The Mustangs dominated for most of the game and were finally able to put one in just before the end of regulation. Erica Smolcynski got the win in goal

9/10/09–Mustangs Men’s Soccer Team Gets First Season Win 2-1

The Mustangs Men’s Soccer team won 2-1 against Valley Forge Military College on Thursday afternoon.

The Mustangs were down 1-0 at halftime, but roared back in the second half to win. Freshman David Griffith scored the first goal for the Mustangs on a header to tie it at 1-1. A few minutes later, Eric Frankenfield scored a goal to take a 2-1 lead, and the Mustangs were able to hold onto the lead.

“I was open and got a great pass and was able to put it in,” said Frakenfield, who also added an assist.

Bryan Hare and Nick Hulayew each played a half in goal to team up for the win.

9/9/09–Mustangs Men’s Soccer Lose Tough Season Opener 2-3

The Mustangs Men’s Soccer Team lost a tough game by a score of 3-2 on Wednesday afternoon. The Mustangs played the Bucks County Community College Centurions, who are the reigning EPCC Champions from a year ago.

The Mustangs jumped out to a 1-0 lead early on a goal by first year player Tom Dempsey, but Bucks answered quickly to tie it at 1-1. The Mustangs then retook the lead 2-1 on a goal by Ryan Nelson and assisted by Michael Wambold. Both are also first year players who are already making big contributions. Bucks answered back and the game was in a 2-2 deadlock at halftime.

The second half was scoreless for a while, but Bucks got a big goal to take a 3-2 lead about halfway through. The Mustangs had a few chances but were unable to get the ball in the net.

They played very tough against the best team in the league. Both Bryan Hare and Nick Hulayew played one half each in goal for the Mustangs. They combined for 10 saves against 13 shots on goal.IMG_7098-1

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By Kevin Devine

Whether this is your first year or your last, we have all walked into Parkhouse Hall wondering, “where am I?”

And not only has construction been extremely confusing, but it has changed each day!

One day there will be a wide-open entrance to Parkhouse (of course this doesn’t count the random students who enjoy standing in front of the doors).

The next day, a large gate will block the entrance. You feel like, maybe, you should sport a hard hat and work boots when you go to class.

But don’t expect this to be the latest fashion trend at MCCC.

Walking into the building is like stepping into Super Mario Bros.; there are obstacles to jump over and little spaces to crawl under just so you can get to class. Finally, at the end of World 8, you battle “Bowser” so that you can go home and sleep.

While talking to a few friends and classmates, I discovered that they all had one important question to ask:

When will it end?

Well, here it goes: the Summer of 2011. I know, I know, this is too much. How can they expect us to put up with two years of construction? Sometimes you feel like it’ll take two years just to find your classroom. But everything is going to be fine, I promise.

You’ll find your classes, get your daily dose of education and then go home to play The Beatles: Rock Band.

If you just agreed with me, then this means that you have the game and that we’re now best friends.

But back to the serious business.

Many students are unhappy about having to find their way around the maze that is Parkhouse Hall.

“It makes things difficult when they don’t have to be. They could work later when there are fewer students around,” says Jon Strum, a hotel management major.

And that is one of the points raised by students. Why not work when people aren’t roaming the campus?

“It’s awful,” says student Anthony Stumpo. “I go in one side of the building to get to a class and then I have to walk all the way around to the other side for another class.”

Not all students are bothered by the construction.

Freshman Amanda Garcia said while the work may be “a little annoying,” it can offer some positives.

You do get a good laugh when your professor is late for class and you’re on time, she said. 
    While construction has been the biggest party pooper in the history of party pooping, the construction workers who are fixing up the place have done a great job of staying out of the way. (SAYS WHO? … is this a news story wrapped in an opinion piece?)

It may bother you that the sounds of drilling and hammering interfere with your professor’s super exciting lecture on the discovery of fire, but just think—one day, this place will look AMAZING and you will be able to tell people all about it.

While 2011 is far away, keep your head up and enjoy the opportunity of education!

I hope you can find some humor in the mess of dust and blockades. Just remember what Jakob Dylan (the son of the singing/songwriting legend Bob Dylan) says on his debut album Seeing Things: “Something Good This Way Comes.”

And a better Parkhouse Hall is coming our way.

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By Bonnie L. Mauger

The flu season is just around the corner again, and we need to think about information we can gather to prevent the seasonal flu. This flu differs from the H1N1 flu (also known as the swine flu). MCCC is again offering vaccines for the seasonal flu to students, as well as faculty and staff. The cost is $19.00 and can be paid by check or cash at the time of your vaccination appointment.

Below are the locations, dates and times for both campuses of the College. To register for specific times and dates, please email Grace Spena at gspena@mc3.edu.

Central Campus (CH 127):

October 15, 9 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

October 21, 6 pm – 7:30 p.m.

West Campus (SH 154)

October 22,, 8:30-10:30 a.m. and 12:30-4:30 p.m.

If you cannot make any of the above scheduled dates, local pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS may be offering seasonal flu shots at a reasonable cost.  Check for dates and times at such locations.

You also may qualify for FREE seasonal flu vaccines from the Montgomery County Health Department.  The latest information and eligibility requirements for seasonal flu clinics are available at http://health.montcopa.org/health/cwp/view.A.3.Q.67285.asp.  Some of these flu clinics are drive-through for your convenience.

The Chester County Health Department is also offering “seasonal” flu vaccines for its residents.  The cost of this service is $20, payable at the time of the scheduled appointment.

If you have Medicare part B without an HMO supplement, you can get the flu vaccine for FREE.  If you carry an HMO supplement or have any other health insurance coverage, you will be provided with a receipt to submit to your health insurance carrier for reimbursement, if this is a prevention service covered under your plan.

Chester County’s Health Department Clinics began on September 15, and they will continue to be held Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for as long as the seasonal flu vaccine is available.  If you have any questions or to make an appointment, please contact the Chester County at 610-344-6252.  They will NOT take walk-ins.

Some proven ways to best guard yourself against the flu are:

·     *Frequent hand washing and/ or use of an alcohol based hand sanitizer;

·     *Eating properly and NOT skipping meals;

·     *Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night;

·     *If you do become ill, take care of yourself—respect the health of well people.

Please remember, all of the above information is for seasonal flu only.  Vaccine trials for the new H1N1 flu virus are currently being conducted to immunize those at risk.  The safety and effectiveness of this vaccine has not been proven. MCCC is in close contact with the Montgomery County Health Department, and any updates will be promptly shared as soon as they are available.

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