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Photo by Dennis Verbo, Photography Staff

College Hall construction presents challenges to new students as they navigate the campus.

Photo by Dennis Verbo, Photography Staff

By Aaron Cinque, Staff Writer

It’s 10 a.m. on a Monday, and while students slowly amble their way to class, bulldozers are at work on the College Hall renovations, desperately trying to stay on schedule.

A momentary silence is broken as the bell tower tolls and a new load of cinder blocks is tossed into a nearby Dumpster. The piercing noise startles students and causes them to walk more swiftly across the gravel path toward Parkhouse Hall. Students seem confused as they pace back and forth looking for access to the library, advising and cafeteria.

Student Bobby Custer commented on the construction noise while in class. “The renovations,” he said, “makes College Hall difficult to get to.”

Val Gusoff, a sophomore, took this idea a step further. “Getting used to a college campus is challenging enough for new students but near impossible with construction and confusing sights,” he said, adding he’s skeptical of the importance of updating every building on campus. He called the construction “a waste of precious tax payer money.”

Other students, however, said they’re optimistic about the recent transformations on campus. Freshman Danielle Thompson called the renovations “exciting.”

“[I’m] glad to see that Montco is improving the campus environment for students down the line.”

Regardless of student opinion, demolition equipment and hard hats will not be an uncommon sight for the next couple of years. College hall’s new facade, the library’s new coffee shop and expanded computer lab, and the all-in-one Student Services Center, which will include registration, advising and the business office, are scheduled to be finished by the start of the 2011 school year. And yet, the administration is already talking cautiously about re-vamping the Science Center.

When completed, the new College Hall will have expanded student visitor areas. The Brendlinger Library will also be updated to include an Internet café and additional study space.

MCCC’s new cafeteria, for instance, sparkles with square tiles, silver appliances, and a broader meal selection. Improvements include a brick pizza oven, wider selections that include char-grilled fish, a larger Panini section, 500-calorie meals, and an open view of all the action.

Dave Green, the kitchen manager for MCCC, said he is very pleased with how his kitchen design has turned out, and encourages students to give feedback and opinions.

Overall, the kitchen staff seems extremely receptive, he added. “I do work with suggestions, and a lot of changes have been made based on student requests,” Green said.

Reporter’s note: Try not to get too frustrated the next time you are lost in College Hall. Arrive a few minutes early so you can find your way on time, and ask for help if you are still having trouble. With the right attitude and an open mind, MCCC students can learn to co-exist with the construction and lead a fun and productive 2010 school year.

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