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by Sara Wilkerson

What I see are two directions:
the Right way and the Left way.
The Right way leads to a good life
and …
the Left way leads to a bad life.
So, I’m supposed to go the Right way, right?
Or, am I supposed to go the Left way?
Which way of life do I go to?
Clearly, choosing a way of life is hard. So, choose wisely.


McLaughlin_Choosing a Life

Illustrated by Emily McLaughlin


by Sara Wilkerson
Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

What do I, your great friend, have to offer
In the brightest of these beautiful days
Where the flowers of May grow and prosper
And when cherry trees are up for displays?
I think that this was the start of our love.
The sun was out, bees were buzzing about.
We sat for that picnic and saw a dove.
You swore that this was the greatest hangout.
Yet as we grew old, you began to pale
My love’s beauty and youth is vanquished now
What happened to you my dear, did you fail?
Never in my eyes, only He shall know,
That a lover’s red poppy outmatches
The Grim Reaper’s need of lousy latches


McLaughlin_Eternal Beauty

Illustrated by Emily McLaughlin



by Justin Patrick Oakes

Together we were ceaseless
Like an ocean cutting freighter
Bound to an inexorable
She, the slayer,
I, the monster,
We’d stand breathless
Like phantoms
In an anaerobic graveyard.
We’d click each other’s heels
Like some lovey dovey
Russian roulette
And wait for a train
Going two ways to
We were lovers,
Don’t you see,
But even lovers
Die alone,
While the timeless
Tale of romance
And dead old people
Remains ceaseless
As the moon
And stars.



Illustrated by Emily McLaughlin


Dr. Hawking

by Justin Patrick Oakes

We’re all just starstuff,
Flashing lights on a
Darkened sky,
Pale, white ghosts
In a grainy sea
Of not-so-empty
When we say,
“We’re only here
For a short time,”
It’s only partly
Our consciousness
May be gone,
But our matter
Continues forever,
Just as it always has,
Since the first time
Every atom
And even less
Was born
To this wild
And restless
We’re all made of starstuff,
It’s true,
Some of us actually become


McLaughlin_starstuff (Dr. Hawking)

Illustrated by Emily McLaughlin


From the Editor

by Sara Wilkerson
The Montgazette Editor-In-Chief

“This is your time and it feels normal to you but really there is no normal. There’s only change, and resistance to it and then more change.”
~Meryl Streep

Sometimes, it’s hard to accept change. More times than not, change comes when we least expect it. The only way to accept change, as I’ve come to realize this past semester, is to simply embrace it, even if it scares the living heck out of you.
Embracing change is not done without the help of others. As the Editor-in-Chief of The Montgazette (MG) this year, I experienced changes that frankly were unforeseen, yet embracing these changes could not have been possible without the help of others. I’d like to take a moment and express my deepest thanks to those who have helped me embrace the changes that I’ve experienced as Editor of MG. Unfortunately, I can’t write personal thank-you’s here to everyone who has helped me, for there are frankly too many people to thank, however I’ll just give shout outs to those who have been integral in the paper’s success this year.
I’d like to start by thanking Tyler Steffy and Diana McGuire in the Student Life office for helping me learn the administrative side of managing MG. Without the both of them helping me, I’d simply be lost as an Editor, and for that and more, thank you.
I’d also like to thank Gail Ramsey, the former advisor to MG, and Dave Aston, my predecessor, who despite not being officially on the staff anymore for the newspaper have nevertheless helped me transition into and become more effective as an Editor. Thank you for proving to be invaluable assets to MG.
Producing the newspaper would not be possible without the help and talents of Joshua Woodroffe, our layout designer. Josh, thank you for being so accommodating and being ruthlessly efficient in designing the layouts for the publication, even on the short notices that I have given you.
I’d be remiss not to mention The Montgazette’s new advisors this year, Therol Dix and Susan Masciantonio. Therol and Susan stepped into their roles, and despite the rocky start of having to learn their roles at the beginning of this academic year, have proven to be effective and communicative advisors who have helped me handle every new challenge thrown into the mix of producing every issue this year. I sincerely want to thank the both of you for being great advisors.
I’d like to thank the students and staff of MG. I’ve had the pleasure of reading and editing remarkable stories from the writers and storytellers in the MCCC community. It is through the efforts of the students that this publication’s mission is alive and well. Thank you, students of MCCC, for allowing MG to have your voices be heard.
Of course, there’s no way I could write this letter without mentioning and thanking my successor to MG. Alas, I will be graduating this May and will be succeeded by Bridget Depew, who has served as MG’s social media editor this year. Bridget joined the newspaper in Fall of 2016. Her presence in the publication has been tremendous. Bridget not only has been instrumental as our social media editor but has helped in editing and producing content for the paper.
Bridget, I’m excited to see you take over MG, and despite how unsure of the change you’ll experience transitioning into my shoes, believe me: All you gotta do is embrace the change. There may come a time where you’ll resist the change of transitioning into a new role for MG, as Meryl Streep says, quoted above, but believe me when I say that you’re more than capable of being in charge, I know you are. Thank you for being an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to MG, Bridget; you’ll do great as my successor.
Lastly, I’d like to thank you, the readers of The Montgazette. Without our readers, then it wouldn’t be possible to have the voices of the writers and storytellers in the MCCC community be heard. Thank you for supporting MG this year and beyond. Sincerely yours with extreme gratitude,
Sara Wilkerson

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