Rock N Tribute

by David Aston
The Montgazette Staff

We pay tribute to fallen heroes and loved ones in many ways. Some lay flowers at the site of a tragedy. Others visit resting places or say prayers. This November, Montco Radio paid tribute to one of Montgomery County Community College’s (MCCC’s) own fallen alumni during its annual Rock N Cans charity event.

The all-day event featured special Montco Radio broadcast shows in support of Jenna Burleigh, an alum of MCCC who was tragically killed at the start of this semester. Dozens of people came to the Central Campus and donated nearly 500 cans of food for Jenna’s Blessing Bags for the Homeless, a charity set up by Burleigh’s family in her memory.

During the Rock N Cans event, Burleigh’s parents stopped by the Montco Radio station in the Advanced Technology Center, and were greeted by MCCC President Dr. Kevin Pollock. While on air and after, the Burleigh family expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support and generosity of the likes of which Jenna was known for.

Montco Radio station comanager, Donnell Peake, who also met with Burleigh’s parents, expressed his pride. “I was very pleased with the members of Montco Radio who came out [and] helped with sorting, counting and donating cans.”

Peake’s pride resonated throughout the event and with all involved in making Rock N Cans. Many MCCC Alumni donated canned food, and some won prizes donated by local sponsors. The prizes, donated from sponsors such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Yankee Candle and the Movie Tavern, were raffled away in a lottery drawing of those that donated cans to Jenna’s Blessing Bags.

One of the most touching moments of the Rock N Cans event followed after the prizes were raffled off. As members of the MCCC community were showing up at the Mustangs basketball game that was sponsored by the Veterans Club later on that day, many insisted on donating to the cause, knowing there was no prize to be won.

This is an act that exemplified Jenna Burleigh’s life. All those who knew her and befriended her knew that this selfless act of helping the homeless was how she lived her life. Montco Radio is grateful to the Burleigh family for allowing Burleigh’s memory to be publicly honored by her friends, classmates, fellow alumni and the MCCC community as whole.

Ilisco_Cans & Raffle

A grand total of 500 cans were donated to Jenna’s Blessing Bags thanks to the Rock N Cans event held in November.  ~Photo by Erin Ilisco

Ilisco_Station Managers

Montco Radio Co-Station Managers Donnell Woods (left) and Allanah Richman (right) in studio, holding one of the prizes – a Hohner acoustic guitar – raffled off during the Rock N Cans event. ~Photo by Erin Ilisco


Hello Montgazette readers and Welcome to the second edition of Poetic Voices, The Montgazette’s poetry column featuring poems written by our staff! This issue we are featuring poems by Dave Aston, Justin Patrick Oakes, and Jay Galgon. If you’d like to submit poetry to Poetic Voices, please submit all poems via montgazette@ gmail.com. Also, if you want to submit your poems elsewhere on campus, check out the submission information for the Art and Literature Magazine at the end of this issue!


by Justin Patrick Oakes

A nation clicks her heels
Towards the highway.
Would it matter at all to you
If I stayed?
Would your people still rejoice?
Would they still give you a voice?
Does it matter to you if I
Go my way?

A goddess drapes her head
In a black veil,
With a letter and a word
Shouting blackmail.
Their cries and screams are lost,
As I drag behind my cross.
With force, the Romans pound in
The very last nail.

A lively, shapely tongue caresses
My front lobe.
I’ll never know again what it was
I’d once know.
Inhibition sweeping me,
My arms clutching my knees.
With so much hate in the air, where does
The love go?

Suicide attacks cause terrible
Night dreams.
God was once, now, and always
Very frightening.
Soldiers at your side.
We’ve got no place to hide.
Bullets crack like thunder, explode
Like lightening.

Blood spills into the streets:
My voice is trembling.
It don’t matter how tough we are
With the others assembling.
Your sons and daughters died,
But we all went out with pride.
Some day we know those pigs will
Fear their reckoning.

The revolution’s gone; the war
Is over.
My childish face has aged;
I’m growing older.
The maiden buttons her dress.
Her mind has been suppressed. The revolution’s gone; the world
Is over…


by Jay Galgon


One thing that’s constant in humans

Is growth

Mental, physical, emotional, intellectual

We’re all constantly growing

What do plants need to grow?

Food, water, sunlight

What do humans need to grow?

All those things

And so many more

But we need sunlight most of all

If only for the warmth

Or, perhaps, a reminder

That no matter how dark your life may be

How dark the nights are

The sunlight will be there during the day

It’s constant

And even those precious hours of light is enough

To remind yourself

That it won’t always be dark

So sit outside

Close your eyes

And bask in the sunlight

Only In Dreams

by David Aston


Only in dreams your mother is still alive.

Only in dreams you stopped life’s nosedive.

Only in dreams your head knows where to turn.

Only in dreams you don’t watch yourself burn.

Only in dreams your mind finds peace.

Only in dreams you stay at ease.

Only in dreams your heart and mind are strong.

Only in dreams you live and love very long.

Only in dreams is everything right.

Only in dreams do you have hindsight.

But in life all these things are taken from you.

But in life many times lies are really true.

But in life trust and faith can lift your head.

But in life after life there is no such thing as dead.

Art & Lit 2017

From the Editor

Sara Wilkerson
The Montgazette Editor-in-Chief

New Academic Year, New Beginnings…

Whether it’s your first or second (or even beyond that) year here at Montgomery County Community College (MCCC), the start of a new year can be daunting. The adjustment of getting a new routine set around classes, clubs, work in part time or full time jobs, family, friends… it can be a challenging experience to overcome. With these obligations, it can be easy to just say to yourself, “I want to give up.”

And I’m here to tell you this: You’re better than that.

I know that for me, I’m no exception to the challenge of college life and responsibilities. In addition to managing The Montgazette, I am involved in five other clubs: I’m a member of the Honors Club and Chess Club, I am a member of the Arts and Literature Magazine staff, I am the President of the Writer’s Club and I recently became the Phi Theta Kappa Public Relations Officer. Aside from clubs, I also have a part time job and have a full semester course load of five classes, with one of them being an honors course.

It is safe to say that I, along with many other student leaders on campus, can find the balancing act to be overwhelming. Yet, even as I say this, I’ve seen the excellence in the student body within the first few weeks this Fall semester. From the College’s Club Fair to the kickoff of the OneMontco Unity Series, the students of MCCC have expressed interest in involvement on campus. As a second-year student here at MCCC, I can tell you from experience that being involved in clubs is what can help you make the most of your college life – even amidst all your worrisome obligations.

I remember at the start of my first semester here at MCCC, I didn’t feel as if I belonged on campus because I didn’t have many friends. However, once I started to get involved in clubs, I realized that by joining clubs, I could hang out more with the people I saw in my classes every day. Even the simplest task of attending club meetings helped me in other aspects of my life: I’ve become more organized in scheduling my life every day – from clubs, to classes and all the other obligations that are thrown at me in life…

My point here is that I know that college life can be overwhelming, that perhaps you, a student here at MCCC, are feeling what I felt in my first semester of college. But I’m here to tell you that by simply being more proactive on campus, that perhaps all the other pieces in your life will fall into place.

If you’re interested in getting more involved on campus, I strongly recommend using the multiple resources that the College offers. First and foremost, there’s OrgSync, which is a website where you can find information on club and campus related events and activities being posted regularly. There’s also the Student Leadership Involvement (SLI) office where you can talk to the new Director of Student Life Tyler Steffy about clubs you’re interested in. And of course, you can sign up at club fairs when they happen once every semester and get information from there as well.

With that being said, I want to wish all of the students at MCCC good luck on completing the rest of the Fall semester. Don’t worry, you got this!