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Sara Wilkerson
The Montgazette Co-Editor

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honors society dedicated to bettering society through Scholarship, Fellowship, Leadership and Service. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) has two chapters at MCCC: Alpha Kappa Zeta (AKZ) for Central campus and Beta Tau Lamba (BTL) for West campus. Both PTK chapters held their bi-annual Induction Ceremonies in March to welcome the new members of PTK this spring.

PTK hosts over 700 chapters nationwide for two year college institutions and has a vast network of alumni groups at four year institutions. The society began as an effort to give opportunities for scholars that reach beyond academics and allow students to give back to their communities while helping them transfer into four year institutions.

In order to attain membership with Phi Theta Kappa, students must have a 3.5 GPA and maintain a 3.0 once inducted. In addition, students must have at least 12 credit hours towards an associate’s degree as well as receive an invitation from a PTK chapter. If students meet this criteria, there is a $65 one-time membership fee that must be paid and submitted with a PTK application. Upon acceptance, students have the option of attending a formal induction ceremony hosted by their PTK chapter, where they are inducted through verbal and written pledges in front of their peers and families.

Following inductions, newly inducted members join their fellow chapter members in monthly meetings that can determine their involvement. When describing the level of involvement in PTK, Alpha Kappa Zeta President Alison Giles stated, “… you get what you give. If you want opportunities for scholarships, volunteering, leadership roles, project development, and community engagement, you’ll find that in PTK. In my experience, these opportunities have led to even more opportunities, and my time at MCCC has come to be defined in large part by my involvement…”

Past projects between the two MCCC PTK chapters include AKZ’s 2015 Alternative Spring Break Project “Imagine No Homelessness” and BTL’s annual cleanups of the Schuylkill Riverfront Park.

Currently, AKZ’s efforts in participating in “honors in action” projects, along with their substantial membership roster, have made the chapter a notable five star chapter in the PTK organization. AKZ is working with Central campus’ tutoring center this semester to reform their services. According to Alison Giles, Alpha Kappa Zeta’s goal is to, “… get the word out that the tutors are here and are waiting, they’re available no matter what kind of schedule you have, and there’s no shame in seeking the help you need, especially if that’s all that is standing in the way of you reaching your goals.”

Despite being an international  honors society, Phi Theta Kappa makes differences locally through its chapters, with MCCC’s very own chapters making no exception.

For more information about MCCC’s PTK chapters, contact an advisor: The  Central Campus advisors are Catherine Parzynski (CParzyns@mc3.edu) and Cathy Hoult Shewring (CHoultSh@mc3. edu). The West Campus advisors are Georgette Howell (GHowell@mc3.edu) and Kevin Strunk (KStrunk@mc3.edu).

5_Yanisko_PTK Leadership Team_PTK

Alpha Kappa Zeta’s Leadership Team — Photo courtesy of Sandi Yanisko and Dan Hanson

4_Yanisko_PTK New Inductees_PTK

Congratulations to the new members of Alpha Kappa Zeta! — Photo courtesy of Sandi Yanisko and Dan Hanson

3_Yanisko_Keynote Speaker Sam Wallace_PTK

Samuel Wallace; Keynote Speaker — Photo courtesy of Sandi Yanisko and Dan Hanson

1_Yanisko_MCCC Pres. Kevin Pollock_PTK

Dr. Kevin Pollock; MCCC President — Photo courtesy of Sandi Yanisko and Dan Hanson

2_Yanisko_PTK Pres. Alison Giles_PTK

Alison Giles; Alpha Kappa Zeta President — Photo courtesy of Sandi Yanisko and Dan Hanson

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Dominique Brown
The Montgazette Contributing Writer

Montgomery County Community College hosted its Spring Club Fair in Central Campus’ Parkhouse Hall.

Loud, crowded, and buzzing with energy; for any introvert or someone who suffers from anxiety, this is their worst nightmare. That was my first thought walking into this building. I used to stand in awe at how big the walkway use to be, how it was so spacious that I felt small in it. With the arrival of the Club Fair, the Hall never felt so small and tight, full of people, tables housing sweets, posters, and pamphlets to inform and promote the various clubs and activities. The atrium came alive in a terrifying new way that only the bravest of souls will survive. I wandered around and avoided eye contact at all costs trying to find just one table that didn’t seem completely intimidating.

As herds of college students young and old surrounded me, I began to lose myself in the bustle of a normal Wednesday afternoon combined with a social event that only happens once every semester. Finally, after bumping into a table and stumbling into strangers, I found an interesting small group talking quietly among themselves.

The poster said “Drama Club,” something that I will admit has been a past time for me, so with shaky legs and a rapid heartbeat, I cautiously approached the table, tensing up in preparation to be hounded, to take a pamphlet and sign my life away. The group smiled as they noticed me, warm and welcoming. I was approached by Jess Weligand, the Drama Club’s PR representative; she appeared shy, but I could tell she was putting forth an effort to be kind and helpful for her club. She asked me if I had ever been involved in theater before.

Photo 1 CF

Central Campus Club Fair — Photo by Dominique Brown

Of course I had, but I decided to see what kind of spiel she had in store. To my surprise, Jess began a simple conversation with me when she took note of my sweatshirt. We talked for some time about this and that finally, once we were both comfortable, I began to ask her  about the theater program and how the Drama Club is connected and works with the theater program.

Montco Drama Club has been around for only a short while but has put on over 40 plays!

Currently the Drama Club is preparing for their first ever short play festival, consisting of six different short plays directed by students. The theater program is behind the scenes, in a class offered to anyone but especially to theater majors in the Theater Production Workshop, or TPW, this is where the magic happens. The students build, light, design, and dress the set; along with making the costumes, managing stage sound and stage set the entire show! Everything you see is all by students; even the Drama Club helps out by raising the money for the productions and awareness that the play is happening. I was completely blown away by all that happens in such a small amount of time and that Jess Weligand, who was very much as timid and shy as myself, was here standing in front me telling all the amazing things she has accomplished with this club. As our conversation continued a new face joined us.

Kevin Sene is a small, high strung individual who can just melt your heart and instantly make you feel like his friend. He smiled a great big pearly white smile as he sashayed over eager to join the conversation. Jess introduced us and explained that the real reason she was so involved is because of Kevin. Kevin is more outgoing and free spirited than she. Everyone who meets Kevin instantly falls in love; he is a true leader and great friend.

After five minutes of chatting with him, I was shocked when I signed up to become more involved with the club. The Drama Club is a very inviting club, people of all sizes, shapes, and color come together and do something unique and creative that no other club does. They band together, get their hands dirty and produce plays for the whole community to enjoy. Everyone is very nice and encouraging, they are a team, even more so a family; they make sure they stress that there is no “drama” in the Drama Club. Everything down to what play they will do the following semester is all debated in a healthy discussion called “Reading Committee”, which meets every Monday at 4pm.

So, this introverted soul found a nice, peaceful table to hide out the storm of people and activities around her. I even made a few friends along the way. Club Fair actually wasn’t as terrifying as I originally thought. When you first enter the Fair, it seems to go on for miles, with all the bodies and tables that litter the walkway. It’s easy to feel small and lost in all the excitement. But as a great man once said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!” so next Club Fair, I’ll be ready! With any luck I’ll be the one confidently approaching people asking if they have ever been involved in theater.

Montco Drama Club’s President Kevin Sene is the nicest most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met. He has a drive and a passion for theater that is unmatched by anyone!

The Drama Club meets every Wednesday 1pm -3pm. Feel free to stop by anytime for fun and games. All are welcome and all are encouraged to participate in upcoming events. See you there!

Kevin Sene Photo by Dominique Brown

Kevin Sene, Drama Club President — Photo by Dominique Brown

Photo 4 CF

Drama Club Table — Photo by Dominique Brown

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Fritz Petty
The Montgazette Contributing Writer

The Club Fair, an event held in Central Campus Parkhouse Hall’s atrium, was on Feb. 8. Many clubs, such as the Japanese Club, Montco Radio and the Chess Club, demonstrated some new skills that could help prospective students in their future.

The Japanese Club’s table at the Spring 2017 Club Fair was filled with fancy foods, paintings, antiques and unique anime books. Japanese culture is known for its versatility with producing amazing items.

The sight drew me in so I became interested in the origins of Japanese Club. My attentiveness led me to talk with a couple of its founding members, Kim and Shirley. Kim started the Japanese Club because she wanted to share her passion with other students and expose others to it’s sophistication. Kim didn’t find a club that kept her attention, which led her to making her own club.

Shirley also had a similar passion for Japanese Culture. She explained to me that she learned the Japanese language and can speak it fluently. She immersed herself in the culture by staying in Japan for a couple of days. Her experiences in Japan pushed her to join the Japanese club.

Overall, student clubs have a way of bringing out the best of an individual, which allows the members involved to grow, meet new people and make connections. The Club Fair taught me to get out of my own comfort zone and to be active in the community. When the next Club Fair comes around, I will join a club of my choosing.

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Kyle Murphy-Tuggle
Montgazette Contributing Writer

The Archaeology & Anthropology club or A & A for short was one of many clubs represented at the Montco Club Fair. The club members all had smiles on their faces, ready to inform you about the ancient culture of humanity and other species.
Professor O’Brien kindly described the benefits that come with joining the A & A club. Club member’s schedule events were the entire club travels to different locations to see Anthropology in real life. Ancient artifacts, famous corpses, and humanoid skulls plastered all over the walls and shelves. These field trips help developing students to visualize how far humanity has come. According to Professor O’Brien, “We travel to many places around the world studying and analyzing the ancient artifacts of humanity. Other species inform us of how similar, but different we humans are”. Professor O’Brien teaches as a professor in the anthropology department, and she is also the advisor for the club.
Newcomers gather at Montco for these events every semester, as clubs are a very big part of the school. They help students get involved in after school activities, as well as educate the youth and hope to guide them in the direction they believe is great for them.  For more information on all of the student clubs, student can contact the office of Student Leadership and Involvement located in College Hall.


Photo by Kyle Murphy-Tuggle

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Rahul Thevar
Montgazette Contributing Writer

Montgomery County Community College’s new Health Sciences Center broke ground in 2015. Replacing the old Physical Education Building, the new center was completed in January of 2017 and opened its doors on the first day of the spring semester.
The Health Sciences Center was part of the larger construction project the renovated and revitalized MCCC’s Central Campus. Bruce Bach, Athletic Director of MCCC, stated that he likes, “the new gymnasium” and how, “the athletes have a new quality locker room.”
A.J. Carter, a student at MCCC, says he, “loves the building, it’s wider, [has] bigger room [space], doesn’t looks gloomy. [I love] the new classroom[s] and the new labs.”
Althea Zanecosky, a Registered Dietitian Nutrition Instructor at MCCC, likes the, “… Openness [of the new building]. Everyone in [the] Health program – such as the professors – are together. It’s a bright, cheerful space…to encourage students to be healthy in class and [to give them more] fitness opportunities.” Bach also likes the extra 5,000 square feet over the old P.E. Building.
Angelina Capozzi, another MCCC student, states, “It’s high tech and [a] nice building to be in.” Another student, Brittany Francis, said she likes, “the environment [because it’s] easier to find classes. [I like] the weight room and it’s newer compared to other building. It’s separated based on what major you’re taking.”
Tyler Gahagan, a campus recreation student staff member says, “It’s a great building to be in and [has a] fun environment.” He also can’t wait to start using the new equipment to start working out.
MCCC student Nick Mikesic, also likes, “The new weight room. The gym is newer, better than the old one and they can offer more classes for the students.”
The Fitness Center is scheduled to open on a future date. Be sure to not miss out on all the fun and openness the new Health Sciences Center has to offer.


Photo Courtesy of the MCCC Communications Dept./Amelia Fox MCCC– Students make use of the new gym in the Health Sciences Center at the Central Campus.

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Central Campus – Always Wednesdays, 12:20 – 1:15p.m.

March 22
Come learn ways to organize your notes and make your studying more effective!  — College Hall, Room 147

March 29
Meet the Dean
Have you met the Dean of Student Affairs? Dean Nicole Henderson will be available to meet with students and answer questions. Stop by for lunch and say hello.  — College Hall, Room 147

April 5
Test Anxiety
Come join us for a workshop to assist you with study strategies and dealing with test anxiety.  — College Hall, Room 147

April 12
Grit and Motivation
Join Dr. Smith as he helps you to unravel your intrinsic motivation through self-discovery of your internal GRIT. This workshop will help you to identify the essential components to develop your confidence and motivation. — College Hall, Room 147

April 19
Getting Ready for Finals
Come join us for a workshop to assist you with study strategies and dealing with test anxiety. — College Hall, Room 147

April 26
Zumba and Nutrition
Come learn some Zumba moves and understanding good nutrition. — College Hall, Room 147

West Campus – Always Monday, 12:20 – 1:15 p.m.

March 20
Note-Taking Skills 101
Come learn ways to organize your notes and make your studying more effective! — South Hall 216

March 27
Meet the Dean
Have you met the Dean of Student Affairs? Dean Nicole Henderson will be available to meet with students and answer questions. Stop by for lunch and say hello. — South Hall 202

April 3
Career Planning
Learn what career best suits your talents, skills, and training you need for your chosen career. — South Hall 202

April 10
Interviewing Tips and Techniques
Learn the right tips and techniques that can help you present yourself effectively at interviews, and get the job you want. – South Hall, Room 222

April 17
Grit and Motivation
Join Dr. Smith as he helps you to unravel your intrinsic motivation through self-discovery of your internal GRIT. This workshop will help you develop your confidence and motivation.  – South Hall 202

April 24
Composing a Resume: Best Practices
This workshop will outline the essential information you need to develop a great resume in a competitive job environment.

May 1
What Next?
Using Your My Career Plan Results for Career and Life Planning – South Hall 216

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Photo by David Aston

March_Chess Club

Photo by Dejah Wallace

Photo 3 CF

Photo by Keven Sene

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