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Sara Wilkerson
The Montgazette Editor-in-Chief

Commencement is upon us. It is that time of year where soon-to-be grads are cramming for finals, solidifying their plans on transferring to four year institutions, and saying farewell to their fellow classmates as they move forward in their academic endeavors. This issue, The Montgazette would like to shine a spotlight on one of the many graduates graduating on May 18th, 2017, and this graduate is our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, David Aston.

Aston’s journey at Montgomery County Community College started all the way back in 1996 when he was taking college credit courses while still in high school. Taking these college credits proved challenging, considering Aston had failed his junior year english class yet was taking English Composition 101 on Tuesday nights for three hours here at the College as a senior. With the help of the College’s professors, Aston managed to not only graduate high school but also further his education by taking a creative writing course in 2000.

Despite his initial success at the start of his college career, Aston’s personal life began to interfere with his studies. In the middle of his first semester, Aston lost the full time job he had and ended up moving to Lafayette Hill with his family. The sudden shift in his personal life caused Aston to not return to the College for over a decade as his concerns were focused primarily on supporting himself and his family.

Aston did not want to settle for the life that he had, which is why he came back to Montgomery County Community College as a digital audio major. Aston is grateful for his time at the College, stating, “This is the place where you achieve your dreams… it is where you have the freedom to be who you are without the pressures of having it forced upon you what somebody else wants you to be. You have the freedom, you have that openness. Grasp that, and God can’t stop you. And you become better because of it.”

With the support of many individuals on campus, including but not limiting to professors Gail Ramsey, Jerry Collom, Allan Schear, Jeff Asch, Stan Feingold, Matt Porter, David Ivory as well as former College President Karen Stout, Aston was able to complete his studies and find his passion. Aston claims that the professors at the College, “…find the importance and value in you and make you realize that you matter to yourself, if to no one else.”

Through the many obstacles that Aston has faced over his time in college, from dealing with age differences, adjusting to his editorial position of The Montgazette, and being a part time student while balancing his full time job, family and school life, Aston has remained optimistic and passionate about his future as he transfers to West Chester University in the fall as a communications major.

Based on his experiences over the past two decades, David Aston has proven that second chances do exist, as long as one believes in themselves. This is why Aston’s advice to readers that when it comes to self doubt, one should not let doubt cloud their ambitions. “Put the worries away, just do it. The worries will be there, they’re not going to go away… but if you focus on the worry, you won’t get anything done. Take it from someone who let the worry drag him down for 15 years. Don’t do it.”


David Aston; 2017 Graduate Photo by Erin Ilisco


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Jack Wisniewski
Montgazette Contributing Writer

A student club favorite of many students and faculty at Montgomery County Community College  is Montco Radio, featuring music and talk shows produced and hosted by the students. The club offers a great opportunity to gain media and communication experience by hosting your own show, and one student is taking full advantage of the opportunity. The man behind “Let There be Rock Radio” which airs Fridays from 1-3 P.M. is Brad Sacchetti, also known as DJ B-Rad.

His show features rock music genres from the 80’s and 90’s, as well as different kinds of hard and classic rock. During his show, he addresses the recent and hot news in Rock and Roll along with great songs for a truly enjoyable 2 hours. Brad tries to make every listener’s day better any way he can and to inspire them with a healthy dose of good music.

After being diagnosed with Leukemia, a potentially dangerous form of cancer, Brad turned to music as it helped him get through all the tough times. Artists such as Roger Daughtry, Dave Grohl and the members of his favorite band Metallica continue to inspire him, and Brad as DJ B-Rad aims to inspire others as well. One of Brad’s favorite moments was when he met Roger Daughtry during the rough times of his treatments.

DJ B-Rad puts a full effort into every show he does. “[I’m] always looking forward to doing the show.”  He also feels very proud of his show and that he has achieved the goal of having fun and sharing the music with the Montco Campus and beyond. He wants to spread the positive impact music has had on his life to others.

Brad works hard at his show to learn as much as he can during his time at Montco. He plans to pursue a career in radio and sound recording which goes along with his major in communications.

Anyone can tune into Brad’s Show live each Friday through Montco Radio’s montcoradio.com or stream it through the Tune-In app for most smartphones.


Photo courtesy of Brad Sacchetti: DJ “B-Rad” Brad Sacchetti sits on the famous “throne” of Foo Fighter Lead Singer, Dave Grohl. The chair was used by Grohl when he broke his leg while on tour.

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David Aston
Montgazette Editor-In-Chief

The hot summer is falling away and a contentious presidential election is still to come. In between is Montgomery County Community College pressing on with a new academic year.

This year heralds a bunch of firsts for Montco and The Montgazette.

Dr. Kevin Pollock begins his first full academic year as the college’s president. Starting with this issue, The Montgazette is bringing back the sports schedules. Also, you’ll see we’ve added a new section called “College Spotlight.” Each month, The Montgazette will showcase a MCCC partner college or university. These spotlights will present important information you need to know so you can make an informed choice on where to transfer so you can continue to achieve your dreams after your time at Montco.

For all of the new students for this academic year, Welcome! The Students Office of Leadership and Involvement hosted the club fair at the start of the semester and numerous students clubs were represented. I am here to encourage you to get involved! We have included in this issue a few highlights from the club fair. Enjoy!

If you would like to join the team here at The Montgazette, we welcome your story perspectives. During my time at Montco, I have put my all into making this paper thrive in a climate that says the paper is dead. You, the readers of The Montgazette, have proven the naysayers wrong. You see the value in bringing your voice to the world and I am humbled to be the leader that has made that a success.

So this, in the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous novelist, “Stories matter.”

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By: Brad Sacchetti
Montgazette Contributing Writer

Montgomery County Community College’s Club Fair drew the attention of new and returning students. Among the many student clubs, Montco Radio broadcasted a show live so everyone at the fair could hear and feel what it’s like to be a radio show DJ, like Howard Stern or Preston and Steve.

Montco Radio doesn’t follow the traditional format of regular radio stations. Instead, students, like MontcoRadio DJ Ryan Hackett, pick what they like and broadcast it through the station’s live stream on montcoradio.com.

“You’re show is specific to you,” Senior Producer and Technical Services Director and co-advisor of Montco Radio Matt Porter said. “If you want to play the heaviest metal on the planet, the next show might be playing polka. And that’s the best part; we don’t say you have to play that song or this song. The diversity of the students is the hallmark of Montco radio.”

Hackett added, “What they gain is the experience of what it’s like to work at a radio station. You get to work the [sound] board yourself, you get people call in [to] talk to you and you can talk about whatever you want.”

Montco Radio broadcasts from the first floor of the Advanced Technology Center, or ATC, 24 hours a day and can be streamed to yourfavorite mobile device through the TuneIn app. The Montco Radio club meetings are held every Monday12:30 pm- 1:20pm in the ATC in room 107. The club is open to any MCCC student who wants his or her voice heard by the world.

For more information about Montco Radio, or to join the club, stop by one of their meetings, join the club via OrgSync or go to montcoradio.com.


Photo by Brad Sacchetti: A Montco Radio Club representative discusses opportunities with students.


Photo by Brad Sacchetti: Montco Radio Club representatives take a moment out of their busy day to pose for a photo.

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By: Joshua Kellem
Montgazette Staff Writer

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the
Montco Radio club Montgomery County
Community College started as a record
spinning club back in the 80s, and the
actual radio station was in College Hall,
not the ATC. With the rapid advancement
of the Internet, came the evolution of what
Montco Radio formerly WRFM is now
online radio, broadcasting around the
The Montco Radio Alumni event
will be more than a mix of old members
reminiscing about yesteryear on current
members shows. It’s the passing of the
torch, so to speak as the Montco Radio
Club has entered a massive re-branding
period. Montco Radio will mark the
beginning of much more success for
the Montco Radio Club and our efforts
to increase listeners. So, come on out.
Hear the stories of those who were in
the club at the beginning, and as always:
there will be food and refreshments.
A special highlight of the event will be
the unveiling of a new banner for Montco
Radio to go up every Music Wednesday
ATC building from 12:30-1:30 and there’s
more. Not only does the club want to
celebrate itself, but also the public. One
lucky student in attendance will have the
opportunity of a lifetime to obtain the
highly coveted inaugural Montco Radio
scholarship. The only requirement, for
the inaugural scholarship, is to show up to
the Montco Radio Alumni event April 16,
8 a.m.-6 p.m. When will the scholarship
winner be announced? You have to stay all
day to find out.
For more information, Montco Radio
holds weekly meetings on Mondays in
ATC 107 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Stop by
if interested in a show, or engineering.
Any suggestions, or ideas send an email:

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By: Dave Aston
Montgazette Staff Writer

Many great concepts are said to be
cemented by their past. Montgomery
County Community College’s radio club is
no exception.
Starting as a record spinning club many
decades ago, the club, Radio Free Montco,
or WRFM, broadcasted from a small room in
College Hall on the Blue Bell campus. From
that humble beginning, WRFM created a
legacy. As Senior Producer and Technical
Services Director Matt Porter said, “It’s
never [entirely] about the listeners, it’s about
the experience.”
In those early years, Porter said, you may
have gotten someone to listen during lunchtime.
“The idea [was] that anybody could listen…it’s
a powerful thing,” Porter commented.
WRFM went digital in 2001 by broadcasting
the student-run shows on the campus intranet,
allowing anyone to listen while he or she was
on campus. Two years later, the station went
“global” when it started to broadcast online.
Ten years later, on March 13, 2013, the renamed
Montco Radio dedicated its new studio on the
first floor of the Advanced Technology Center.
“[There’s] a club atmosphere in there,”
Porter said about the state-of-the-art facility.
He also added that the DJ’s are what really
keep it alive.
Tim Balch, co-manager of Montco Radio
agreed. “We are among the largest student
organizations on campus and continue to
thrive,” he said.
In 2014, Montco Radio launched into the
ever-growing mobile space with the Tune-In
smartphone app and this year, an unofficial app
was written and released by a Montco student.
Like the modern radio industry, Montco
Radio is adapting to give a more rich experience
to student producers and hosts and its potential
worldwide audience. Montco Radio recently
established a Youtube live stream that runs in
tandem with the existing TuneIn stream.
According to Balch, the club is planning
to add “interactive click-thru show profiles”
to its website, MontcoRadio.com, so listeners
can dig into the details of each show.
All of these changes, Balch hopes, will turn
any occasional listener into a lifelong one.
As Montco Radio grows, its future will be
maintained the way it always has. In Matt
Porter’s words, “Every semester, someone
does [a show] for the first time and has their
mind blown…it’s tremendous.”

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by Thomas Drakeford

Montgazette Staff Writer

Montgomery County Community College has a number of different factors that make it the college it is today. One of those factors is Montco Radio which has been around for more than 40 years. Montco Radio, the college’s student- produced internet radio station, brings music, talk-shows and a variety of other shows to listeners ever ywhere.

Feel the Noized is a recently established music show that airs 6-8 pm on Mondays. The show is hosted by Matt Williamson, James Grigoras and Greg DiBruno.

Matt said the trio decided to make a radio show during an English class and felt the need to spread it to others. “We all had similar music tastes” said Matt.

Matt, James and Greg all have a say in what gets played during their show. Some genres include alternative, classic rock and some psychedelic rock. The group takes turns playing the songs they want to broadcast every night. The trio have enjoyed hosting their show on Montco Radio since the first one. The three hosts admitted that on an average night few people listen. This was surprising considering the popularity of the music they play. It seemed more people would be tuning in every show. They have great segments, lots of choices in music, engaging hosts and real talk.

Recently, Brent Porche, a radio show host for 93.3 WMMR, made a guest appearance on Feel the Noized. Matt Williamson said the experience was “awesome” and “a lot of fun.”

Feel the Noized occasionally has a live band play on their show. This is an exciting feature of that adds a lot of fun and life to it.

Any student looking to host a radio show, seek out any member of the Montco Radio club.

If you are looking for great music, engaging talk and friendly hosts, tune in to Feel the Noized and any other show on Montco Radio. Montco Radio is streamed live, everyday on www. montcoradio.com or through the TuneIn app, available for your favorite smartphone.

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